Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Midvale

restorative dentistry in Midvale, UTRestorative dentistry refers to the help we offer patients who are missing teeth as well as those who have a broken tooth or a cracked tooth.

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Broken, Cracked or Chipped Tooth

We want to protect your oral health. When your teeth are broken, cracked, or chipped, your tooth is vulnerable to bacteria as well as further damage.

We can use some of the following restorative dentistry procedures to repair your teeth.

Repair Your Cracked Tooth with Dental Bonding!

We can put a composite material on your tooth to repair a cracked tooth. This helps restore the structure of your tooth, so you can chew with confidence!

The dental bonding procedure is simple. We apply the composite material at the site of the damage. Your Midvale dentist shapes the material until it has reshaped your tooth. The material is then hardened, so your tooth is fully functional once again!

Repair Your Broken Tooth with a Dental Crown!

dental crowns for missing teeth near Cottonwood HeightsWhen your tooth has suffered some type of damage, we can often use a dental crown to restore the tooth, holding it together and strengthening it. A tooth crown from our dentist’s office hear Murray is made to fit your tooth in both shape and color, so no one will notice your dental work!

When you need a dental restoration immediately, we can offer you a tooth crown to restore your smile in a single visit! You can learn more about this remarkable technology on our dental crowns page.

Learn More About Dental Crowns

Missing Teeth in Midvale, UT?

When you are missing teeth, it is all you can think about. You want to hide your smile, and chewing feels awkward.

Missing teeth can even damage your remaining teeth. Over time, your teeth may try to shift into the gap. This leads to uneven wear, misalignment, and other difficulties with your oral health.

Here at The Fort Union Dentist, we can offer options for replacing your missing teeth.

Dental Implants near Murray, UT

Implants offer a unique innovation on classic restorative dentistry procedures by replacing the root of the tooth as well as the chewing surface.

A small titanium post is placed in your jaw to support the restoration that best suits you: a dental bridge, a tooth crown, or even a set of dentures. Your dental implants ensure that your new teeth are secure, beautiful additions that look and feel natural in your smile!

You can learn more about replacing your missing teeth with dental implants on our dental implants page.

Learn More About Dental Implants

Dentures in Midvale, UT

broken or cracked tooth near Murray UTWhen you are missing several teeth or even an entire arch, dentures are a classic restorative dentistry option. Dentures are the right solution for many patients because they can be partial or full sets, depending on your needs.

When you are looking for a more stable way to receive dentures, you can pair them with dental implants! These implants provide secure support for your new teeth that will keep your new smile from slipping or feeling unnaturally loose.

You can learn more about dentures near Murray, UT, by reading our dentures page.

Learn More About Dentures

Let The Fort Union Dentist Restore Your Smile!

You do not need to suffer from missing teeth or a broken tooth anymore! We are ready to help you restore your smile today! Call our office in Midvale to get started with one of these restorative dentistry options. Also serving Murray and Cottonwood Heights.

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